Mohammad Mansour, 201350291

A Chemistry student from Jordan finishing my third year and looking for trouble, posting whatever i can put my hands on.

I study in UAEU and i LOVE fooling around so be careful and don’t take my posts seriously

I play a lot of games on my PS4  like Witcher, GTA V, Battle Field and many more. I have an obsession for trophies You can check out my PSN profile here https://psnprofiles.com/flsx99 i got 32 Platinums atm and i am very proud of them 😛

if you want to add me on PSN i will gladly accept 🙂

Also i play Pokemon Sun on my 3ds

My hometown is Na’ur in Jordan and I love the winter there it is amazing

I hope you all have a nice day and good time in my little blog